If only work was more like baby feedings…

I’ve been away from this blog for awhile, and it was for good reason:


On January 26, 2015, at 6:02 pm we welcomed Zachary Eian Liew to the world!  From that moment on our carefree, spontaneous lives changed forever…

As everyone knows, with a new baby comes sleepless nights–true, there have been more than a few of those.  With a boy there are also the pee showers while changing him, and diaper blowouts are really quite the experience too (who knew those little bundles of cuteness could hold so much high-pressure poo).

The one thing that dominates our waking hours, however, is the feedings.  We live to service his Royal Highness, and his internal clock is more precisely calibrated than a Swiss movement, for every two hours he let’s us know it’s time.  Since he had some jaundice at birth, we started him on formula within his first week, while mummy was still getting the milk production machine cranked up.  He now drinks two to three ounces of formula/milk every two hours.  On the dot.

I wouldn’t have believed it before his birth, but it’s incredible how time completely disappears between feedings.  There’s the feeding itself, then the bouncing and burping, and maybe a diaper change, then washing and drying of bottles and breast pump parts.  We try to time our meals so it can happen after his happy meal, when he’s a little milk drunk (they make the cutest faces) but it feels like no sooner have the dishes been done when he sidles up to the proverbial milk bar and asks for a double, straight-up.  With the slow-flow nipple, please.IMG_0032

I’m a lucky person in that I absolutely love my work, and the people I work with, but hey, it’s still work.  If only two hours at work could disappear like it does at home, I could work 16-hour days and barely know it.  🙂IMG_1238